Attachments — All Brands

In addition to Worksite Pro Attachments, Schmidt Equipment represents the following attachment companies:

Paladin Attachments

Paladin Attachments is a blending of eleven brands joining skills and expertise to design and build the best quality heavy and light duty attachments.


Snow blades, Trip edge snow blades, Bale huggers, Bale/Hay Grapplers, Construction buckets, Autorakes, Bale spears, Box scrapers


Augers: HDC Heavy Duty, HDR Rock Ripper, X1475, X2475, X900 & X1500 Mini, HDF Medium Duty, HTF Heavy Duty, X1975, X3575, X975


Sweepers: CS, CTM, HSA, MRHL, AH/CH, CTH, HR, MRH, QCSS Angle, Angle Broom-Mini


Buckets: “V” Bottom, Coral Rock, Ditch Cleaning, Heavy Duty, Bell Hole (Grave Digging) Also: Couplers, Rippers and more.


Blades, Forks, Compaction Wheels, Utility Forks, BUG Coupler, Citrus Rakes


Buckets, Couplers, Forks, Specialty

Woods Construction

Brooms, Augers, Spears, Planers, Buckets, Forks, Brooms, Wheels, Grapples, Tillers, Toothbars, Rollers

Viking Plows

Heavy Duty One Way, Trip Edge One Way, Full Trip FE Reversible, Heavy Duty Trip Edge Reversible, Worm Gear Reversible and more.

Craig Manufacturing

Excavator Attachments, Loader Attachments, Grader Attachments, Backhoe Attachments and others

TAG Manufacturing

Car Body Forks, SXD Series, Buckets, Wheel Loader Buckets


Hydraulic Breakers, Steel Shears, Compactors, Pedestal Booms, Pulverizers and Multiprocessors, Multi Grabs

Attachments Sales:

 Greg Kalis
Phone: 508-987-8786

Compact Construction Equipment Sales Manager

 Bill Orszulak
Phone: 508-987-8786