Infographic: NEW 344L
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The lowdown on high productivity.

When your work requires a compact loader to get the task done, choose from our fleet. Serious breakout force and solid full-turn tipping load capacities make these small-but-mighty machines plenty productive. Their articulated steering delivers a tight turn radius for close quarters, and when the task includes rough terrain, the oscillating front loader frame reduces cab tilt for a comfortable ride. Learn more about these low-cost, low-profile Compact Loader by contacting Schmidt Equipment today.

Video: John Deere’s 244K & 324K Compact Wheel Loaders


Compact Wheel Loaders

Model Engine Net
204L Wheel Loader 61 hp 11,806 lb. 1.0–1.4 cu. yd. 7ft. 11 in.
244K-II Wheel Loader 70 hp 12,060 lb. 1.0–1.4 cu. yd. 8ft. 11 in.
304L Wheel Loader 65 hp 12,778 lb. 1.0–2.1 cu. yd. 8 ft.
324K Wheel Loader 70 hp 14,087 lb. 1.4–2.0 cu. yd. 9 ft. 2 in.
344L Wheel Loader 103 hp 19,533 lb. 2.0 cu. yd. 9 ft. 11 in.