Customer Support Advisors

Our team of Customer Support Advisors (CSAs) are available to our customers to assist in many areas including:

  • Measure and monitor undercarriage life
  • Introduce and explain products and services
  • Explain wear parts and options regarding teeth and edges.
  • Provide information on proper machine maintenance and contracts
  • Provide Quotes for Parts, Service and Attachments



Within a few days after purchasing a new machine from us your relationship with one of our CSA’s will begin. They will see you and provide you with the information that will help make your experience with Schmidt Equipment simple and easy. They will review the warranty on your new machine, advise you of the service points, explain who you need to call if you have a need to contact us, and introduce you to our maintenance program.

Let our CSA manage the Undercarriage part of your business. They will evaluate your undercarriage on a regular schedule and help you maximize the hours of service that it gives you. When it’s time for undercarriage repairs they will guide you through the process. They will be glad to tell you about SC2, extended life undercarriage, too.

Your CSA will be happy to handle any need that you might have for parts, service, or maintenance, all at no cost to you for their service.

Customer Support Advisor Manager:

 Walter DeAdder Jr.
Phone: 508-987-8786