Wheel Loaders

The New L Series Loaders — Large and In Charge

Combining serious productivity with a redesigned cab and controls, our 744L, 824L, and 844L Loaders provide the muscle for operators to work comfortably. Enhancements include increased horsepower, ergonomic programmable controls, and reimagined electrical and hydraulic routing. Plus they’re built rock solid with rugged John Deere EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage V-compliant diesels and high-capacity heavy-duty axles. These large-scale wheel loaders deliver the performance, reliability, and comfort you need to stay productive all day long. View the Brochure »


A perfect hybrid of efficiency and productivity

Everyone knows hybrid-electric drives burn less fuel. But they’re highly productive, too, delivering quick, smooth, and responsive hydraulics; fast ramp-climbing capability; and strong pushing power. Plus control of automatic traction and rimpull helps eliminate wheel spin and tire wear, further reducing daily operating costs.

Built on the highly reliable platform of their predecessors, these models are loaded with even more customer-inspired productivity- and uptime increasing features. John Deere PowerTech™ EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesels provide generous displacement, power, and lugging ability. Daily checks and maintenance access are even easier. And all new K Series-II Loaders come with a standard five-speed transmission, a new adaptive clutch cutoff, and new axles with brake retractors that will improve productivity while providing up to 10-percent fuel savings compared to previous K-Series models. Get more in a K Series-II.

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Mid-Size Wheel Loaders

Model Engine Net
444K Wheel Loader 124 hp 25,022 lb. 2.5-4.0 cu. yd.
524L Wheel Loader 152 hp 28,931 lb. 2.5 – 4.0 cu. yd.
544L Wheel Loader 166 hp 30,520 lb. 2.75 – 5.25 cu. yd.
624L Wheel Loader 192 hp 34,717 lb. 3.5 – 5.25 cu. yd.
644K Wheel Loader 232 hp 41,188 lb. 4.0–4.25 cu. yd.
644K Hybrid Wheel Loader 229 hp 40,436 lb. 4.0-4.25 cu. yd.
724K Wheel Loader 264 hp 48,988 lb. 4.0–4.75 cu. yd.

Large Wheel Loaders

Model Engine Net
744L Wheel Loader 316 hp 57,086 lb. 5.25–5.85 cu. yd.
824L Wheel Loader 343 hp 61,685 lb. 6.0–6.75 cu. yd.
844L Wheel Loader 417 hp 76,670 lb. 6.3–8.0 cu. yd.
944K Hybrid Wheel Loader 536 hp 117,947 lb. 10 cu. yd.

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