Tracked Feller Bunchers

After thousands of hours of testing, the Tracked Feller Buncher is one rugged and reliable machine. The engine now produces 25% more power than before providing a completely new level of productivity. Maximize productivity and reduce operator fatigue with the Rapid Cycle System, which combines automated felling head leveling, single button automated felling head arm cycling with single lever boom control. Operate in comfort with a 17% roomier and more comfortable cab that has 44% more window in front of the operator for exceptional visibility. The Tracked Feller Buncher redefines the meaning of uptime, productivity, and low daily operating costs.

Engine power

Powerful engine output adapts to the application, for reliable multifunction performance.

Closed-loop hydrostatic drive

Boost multifunctioning even more, particularly on slopes and in rough terrain. Adjust priority between track drive and other hydraulic functions to match site conditions and operator style or preference.

Surefooted stability

Long, wide undercarriage provides solid balance to maximize stability, no matter the terrain.

Video: Tracked Feller Buncher

Forestry Sales Manager:

 Dan Carson Sr. Dir. of Sales
Phone: 508-987-8786

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