Chip it. Grind it. Mulch it. Prof-it.

Schmidt Equipment sells the complete line of Morbark Equipment. Specializing in the following:

Morbark equipment assists in the size reduction of recyclable products. And with a more uniform end product, Morbark equipment can fit your processes, reducing your costs, increasing your profits, and most importantly, opening the doors of opportunity to you.

Forestry & Biomass
Morbark is a leader in the biomass market, building Industrial Drum Chippers, Chiparvestors, Flails and Brush Chippers, as well as Tub Grinders and Horizontal Grinders, to meet all of your wood chipping and grinding needs.

Tree Care
Morbark’s tree care equipment line provides services to manage the health, care and maintenance, and problems associated with trees. Morbark can reduce wood waste and transportation costs.

Mobark Equipment Line: