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John Deere WorkSight™ — bringing together machines, technology to make your job easier.

At Schmidt, we know working in the construction industry is demanding. To help keep your equipment running efficiently, John Deere products include John Deere Worksight™ technology. John Deere Worksight™ brings together our most advanced technologies into one seamless package.

5 Core Technologies:

JDLink™ Machine Monitoring System

Anytime remote access to fleet location and utilization, machine alerts, maintenance reminders, and more. Standard with three years of service on most new John Deere machines, five years on production-class models.  More »

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Machine Health Prognostics

Analyze your machine’s JDLink data and fluid samples to recommend maintenance to address issues before they turn into costly repairs and downtime. More »

Remote Diagnostics and Programming

With an active JDLink Ultimate subscription, your dealer can read and reset diagnostic trouble codes, record performance readings, and update software without a trip to the jobsite. More »

Payload Weighing

Makes loading and moving material more efficient and accurate on select John Deere wheel loaders and ADTs. Payload and production data can be viewed remotely in JDLink Ultimate. More »

Integrated Grade Control

SmartGrade™ Dozer – Helps dozer, excavator, and motor grader operators work faster and more accurately. Grade control utilization can be viewed remotely in JDLink Ultimate.  Read more »



Tech Coordinator

 Paul Beaupre
Phone: 508-987-8786

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Get the Most Out of Your Equipment:  Increasing machine uptime:  Track Machine Health, Avoid Downtime: