Monitor Your Machine with JDLink™

JDLink gives you remote access to fleet location, fleet utilization and unparalleled diagnostic data. Now you can easily see which equipment is earning and which machines are idling.

Key features include:

  • Machine hours
  • Geofencing and machine curfews
  • Road maps, satellite map location, and driving directions
  • Monitoring machine health
  • Extending life through preventative maintenance
  • Remote diagnostics via diagnostics trouble codes
  • Simplifying maintenance scheduling and documentation
  • Increasing uptime through alerts of potential downtime
  • Tracking rental fleet machines and their hours of use
  • Documenting machine and operator productivity
  • Recovering stolen machines through GPS tracking

Asset protection.

Because the JDLink Select system provides details on planned and overdue maintenance, it can help to ensure your equipment is being properly cared for.


Tech Coordinator

 Paul Beaupre
Phone: 508-987-8786

JD Worksite Videos:

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